Distance learning

Yes, or something like that, distance English classes are held now. Children are accustomed to a new form of education, they are even more comfortable.
Friends, please understand us correctly: classes for your children have always been free. However, teachers have their own children, they must be fed and dressed. Teachers have never worked for free. And in general, I believe that any work should be paid. Do you have any complaints about the quality of your classes? This is because we enter into contracts with qualified teachers. And qualification requires appropriate payment.
Until now, our organization has been funded only by the contributions of the members of the organization themselves – from everyone as much as possible. Now we have to look for a different funding model. Therefore, there will be no additional set of groups yet. Moreover, if we do not have time to find funding, we are unlikely to be able to continue classes after the holidays. Who wants and has such an opportunity – try to negotiate with the teachers directly. But keep in mind that for the reasons described above it will not be free. We do not give any advice on prices, we do not ask for anyone. Once again, we hope that everything will be fine and we will have time to switch to a different funding model.

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