NGO "Svitlo" supports social projects

In pursuance of this goal and objectives, the NGO "Svitlo" actively promotes the comprehensive development of children and youth, supports social educational projects. One of these projects is the "School of English for Children "SMART OWL", developed by the NGO "All-Ukrainian Student Brotherhood "Elite of the Nation" with the support of the Kharkiv Regional State Administration. Today, within the framework of the project, the second lesson was held with the younger group of participants. The lesson began with checking homework and repeating the rules and methods of using Present Continuous. The second part of the lesson was conversational, during which children in English told what they dreamed of, what countries they wanted to visit, about their favorite subjects at school. Also in the lesson touched on the theme of their favorite superheroes. I got my homework to write about my favorite superhero. In a good mood, they parted to prepare for the next lesson. The uniqueness of this project is that it takes place with full immersion in the English-speaking environment. The teachers of the project are involved volunteers, representatives of the flex exchange program of the American Council for International Education. Classes are held twice a week, lasting two hours.

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