Ngo "Kharkiv Association Svitlo" was audited by the international organization "Public Internet Registry"

The public organization "Kharkiv Association of Light" was audited by the international organization "Public Internet Registry".

To pass the audit, it was necessary to provide evidence that our organization meets the following requirements:

— Focused on actions in the public interest.

Whether you support education or health, the environment or human rights, members of the .ngo and .ong community work for the good of humanity and/or to preserve the planet and do not promote discrimination or bigotry.

— Non-profit organizations.

While many NGOs are engaged in commercial activities or earn income to support their missions, members of the .ngo and .ong community do not recognize profits or do not keep profits.

— Limited government influence.

Recognizing that many NGOs have important interactions with the government, not least for funding reasons (which may include receiving some public funds to support their programs), members of the .ngo and .ong community decide their own policies, direct their activities, and are independent of direct state or political control.

— Independent players.

Members of the .ngo and .ong community should not be political parties and should not be part of any government. Participation in the work of .ngo and .ong is voluntary.

— Active organizations.

Members of the .ngo and .ong community actively conduct their missions on a regular basis.

- Structuring

.ngo and .ong, whether large or small, work in a structured manner (for example, in accordance with bylaws, codes of conduct, organizational standards, etc.).

— Legality.

Members of the .ngo and .ong community act fairly and within the law.

Passing the audit gives the right to use the .ngo and .ong domains, which confirms the international recognition of the organization.

Our site at and is already working. Also, our site is available at

In our immediate future, we plan to announce a competition for the translation and administration of the site in English, German, French and Spanish.


  • And how many organizations in Ukraine, which have passed the same audit?

    • At this point, except ours, I don't know the second.

  • Обычно выставляют результаты аудита копией вывода комиссии с печатями и подписями.
    As if it were just words on the monitor.

    • Уважаемый Коммунарец, чтобы ознакомиться с результатаудита Вам достаточно поднять глаза вверх и посмотреть на адресную строку Вашего браузера. В ней вы увидите domain сайта ГО Свitло, а именно — . NGO. До получения domainа . NGO website GO Svitlo be available in domen. KH. UA. Разрешение использовать домен . NGO is the result of the audit itself. A commission with seals and subscribes — this is something from the Soviet proshlogo. It's time to get rid of the fourth veka. Thanks for your question.

      • Admin, +1 k karme! ))
        Впрочем, можно рекомендовать ознакомиться с правилами предоставления доменов ngo/ong здесь и здесь, тогда будет понятно, что собственно размещение сайта в зоне ngo/ong до прохождения аудита невозможно, даже если доменное имя paidо хоть на пять лет вперёд.


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