Our former compatriot, after the tragic departure to the best world of our programmer, agreed to organize our site for free. Currently, for some reason, he lives outside Ukraine. The photo and name are not published for security reasons.

Weglotis one of the first foreign companies to respond to our request for help
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This team has created the best, in our opinion, plugin for creating multilingual sites with great additional features. At the time, they were given the opportunity to use their services for free for 6 months.
"After 6 months, you will have to pay for the use of our product. However, if the situation in Ukraine does not improve, write to us, we will try to come up with something [how else to help you]!"
"We are here to help you! Do not hesitate to disturb us on any issues!" – from the letters of technical support

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The company with more than 18 years of experience has provided us (as well as all customers from Ukraine) with free year of hosting use (and the tariff plan can be chosen by yourself! (Just don't be arrogant! — O.M.)
Very responsive and competent support.

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Hosting "Ukraine" is the best, in our opinion, Ukrainian hosting. We are clients of the company well today for 10 years and 12 days 🙂 the Company gave us a month of free use of hosting and a 15% discount on the continuation of services.

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Dr. Kateryna Stepanova is one of the best doctors in Kharkiv in the past. She is currently working in Spain. She fought against the COVID epidemic, which, as we know, has probably affected Spain more than other European countries.
Dr. Stepanova not only consults patients from Ukraine via video link (long before this scheme was introduced in our country), but for many years has been transferring her own money to buy expensive medicines for Ukrainians who need them. The amount is not disclosed at Dr. Stepanova's request.

You can sign up for a consultation with Dr. Stepanova so far through our website - due to its extreme workload.

"I wish all Ukrainians victory, peace and the opportunity to be at home with their families and friends. To walk the streets of the city, enjoy the beauty of our native land and be safe."

IT recruiter Natalia Aquilova and her child were forced to move from Kyiv to Rome (Italy) to escape the bombing. Nevertheless, Natalia finds an opportunity to provide financial assistance to those in need of expensive medicines in Ukraine. The amount is not disclosed at her request. In addition to targeted donations, Natalia tries to help refugees from Ukraine find jobs or at least temporary income, and conducts online classes to teach them the basics of the profession.

Perhaps not everyone has forgotten how we demanded the rights of people with lesions of the musculoskeletal system, or simply weakened so much that they are not able to appear in person at the office of the certification center (while PrivatBank is not considered, because not all (thank God) ) the inhabitants of Ukraine joined this sect (for which, by the way, it is also necessary to appear there in person), "Diia" is also not considered, Not everyone has biometric documents. , which is pure water discrimination, where we just did not apply, I will not list... The final instance was the Office of the President.

DepositSign helped us resolve the issue in one day, which we brought almost to the level of the President of the country, and the manager Natalia Srebna met us halfway and provided all the discounts possible in such a situation. Despite the war, people are still people. Thank you!

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updraftplus plugin for wordpress

The best WordPress plugin to copy and restore a site. In the paid version gives a lot of additional amenities. We thank the development team for allowing you to enjoy all the benefits of the paid version throughout the year. In particular, thanks to them, our site was transferred to a new hosting with just two mouse clicks, without the participation of a full-time programmer, and even more so without contacting hosting support. Thanks!

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Yulia Kit, employee of a security firm

"Every Ukrainian has the right to life, just like an American, an Italian.... and any other nation. It is this situation in Ukraine that helped everyone to unite and overcome this war that took the lives of civilians, and most importantly children who are innocent and have never seen life at all. Glory to Ukraine!!!"


Svitlana Pinchuk - Petrovska, assistant to Kyiv City Council member

"Every person comes into this world for life and no one has the right to take it away, to decide for someone their fate. Today's Ukraine is a struggle for its will, earth and sky, for peace, childhood and quiet old age, for its life, for a prosperous future. It was this situation that helped Ukrainians unite to achieve the main goal - "Victory" over a terrible evil called "war". And we will definitely win, we will definitely live happily ever after, because no attack can break the great faith and Cossack spirit of our people. Glory to Ukraine!"


Ruslana Kornienko - Dorofeeva with her daughter, private entrepreneur


Yulia Sereda with her sons, teacher


The girls are from Kyiv. They are actively engaged in volunteer work in the capital and have been financially supporting our organization for many years. Despite the difficulties, they supported us during the COVID epidemic and continue to support us during the war. They help us with the delivery of scarce medicines and provide financial support. The amount of donations is not disclosed at their request.


"I am Russian, my husband is Australian with Ukrainian roots. His father was brought from Ukraine when he was 2 years old, right after the war. They don't speak the language, and they have no ties. But for some reason, everyone here is surprised that a Russian and a Ukrainian are together. They don't understand that this is a common situation. I decided to help, because before that I just made contributions to aid funds, and personal help is always better. I asked a women's group in Australia who was helping whom. Mariana wrote and I decided to join.
My heart breaks when I see what my country is doing. Hang in there!"

Ksenia suggests continuing to provide assistance to Ukraine as far as possible. The amount of donations was not disclosed without her consent, but I can say that thanks to her help, we were able to distribute power banks very quickly to volunteers working in dangerous areas of the city and region, doctors and employees of social services.

Artak Babajanyan

"I'm not a politician, I don't know how to [speak] rounded phrases. In a few lines, I will not be able to convey all my wishes [to the people of Ukraine], there are a lot of them. But there is one thing – the most important thing: destroy the gadina and then do not falsify the results of the victory!"

Artak [my classmate and best childhood friend — Alexander Myroshnikov, Chairman of the Board of the NGO HO "Svitlo"] and his brother Armand by nationality — Armenians, citizens of Australia, from the first days of a full-scale Russian invasion helped Ukraine. First, with his money, then Artak managed to unite around him a group of caring people, which already includes not only Artak's family and friends, but also complete strangers, thanks to their help, our organization has the opportunity to provide assistance to those in need, in parcels come power banks, telephones, "babushkophones", as well as some exclusive, very high-quality and expensive things made in Australia, which are nowhere to be found, except Australia, you can't buy.


The name of the company in translation into Ukrainian means "powerful". We express our gratitude to the company's management for their assistance, thanks to which lonely pensioners and sick sedentary people who did not have the means of communication received phones, as well as an increase in the number of communication lines with one of the medical institutions of the city. The company continues to provide assistance to us to this day, so the amount of assistance at the moment is impossible. In the future, it may be announced if the company's management gives its permission to do so. Thanks!

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Sergey Sadovoi

Photo taken from open sources

"I have always said that my job is small. I just distribute people's trust." 

Serhii and his family met the beginning of the war in the Northern Saltovka district of Kharkiv. He took his family to a village, but Russian troops soon entered the area. Only two months later, Serhii managed to get his family out of the occupied area and back to Kharkiv. Soon after, he began to actively engage in volunteer activities. Sergiy and the group he coordinated helped many residents of Kharkiv and the region, civilians and military in the hottest spots. Now we are grateful to him for helping our organization.

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