Office of the President of Ukraine

Thanks to these heroic people, residents of Kharkiv and the region are deprived of the opportunity to move, they have the opportunity to receive good food rations and essentials. Alliance volunteers often visit the most dangerous areas in terms of the intensity of shelling.

We are grateful to the staff and management of the clinic for their friendly, humane attitude to patients and constructive perception of cooperation with public organizations even in difficult times. Unfortunately, the letter of the director of the KP burned down along with many other documents as a result of a fire in our office, which was located in the premises that belonged to the Main Directorate of the National Police of Kharkiv region.


The name of the company in translation into Ukrainian means "powerful". We express our gratitude to the company's management for their assistance, thanks to which lonely pensioners and sick sedentary people who did not have the means of communication received phones, as well as an increase in the number of communication lines with one of the medical institutions of the city. The company continues to provide assistance to us to this day, so the amount of assistance at the moment is impossible. In the future, it may be announced if the company's management gives its permission to do so. Thanks!