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I am often reproached that the site does not contain photo and video reports about charity events, does not tell who exactly and in what we helped, there are no outpourings of gratitude, etc. if so, they say, you do nothing. I want to remind you of a quote from the Bible. Matthew (6:2-4) says, "Wherefore, when you do alms, do not trumpet before you, as hypocrites do in synagogues and in the streets, so that people glorify them. Truly I tell you, they are already receiving their reward. And when you make alms, let your left hand not know what the right hand is doing. That your alms may be secret; and your Father, who sees the secret, will give it to you clearly."

We provide assistance to lonely and sick people, and we are not going to make PR on their misfortune. This is my principled position, and as long as I am the head of the organization, there will be no public demonstrations. In the event that we reach the level that our activities will be financed not from our own pockets, but at the expense of donor organizations, if they require a report in the form of photos or videos, they will receive this report from us marked "for official use". However, there will be no publications for PR.
We in no way condemn organizations that really do a lot to support the army and the population, accompanied by photos and videos expressing gratitude. Perhaps this is required of the organizations that finance them, or there are some other reasons. But I expressed my position, and, hopefully, the questions "why there are no photos of happy grandmothers" will not come.

Chairman of the Board Oleksandr Myroshnikov


  • I should be here now,
    in this city where there is war.
    My strength is almost gone,
    That God has given me.

    I have children to save,
    From Nazi mines and rockets,
    So that they can grow up,
    Where there is no evil.

    I am afraid to be in the crosshairs of the enemy,
    I think of my family
    And I scold myself for being weak,
    And I feel heavier and heavier

    But I clutched the cross to my chest,
    I felt a wave behind me,
    But there is always hope,
    And the Lord will give you strength.

    My goal is so close,
    And though I am weak now,
    I pray to myself, "Have faith!
    And the hour of victory will come

    Glory to Ukraine!

    • Thank you for your sincere words and wishes! Everything will be Ukraine!

  • In recent years, Russia has lost its leadership in investing in Tajikistan's economy.
    The investment fund, its manager and the depositary bank are interdependent on each other and control the activities of each of them.
    The investment fund is a pool of investors' capital. At the same time, all losses and gains are attributed to the fund's shareholders and are reflected in changes in the market price of the fund's shares.
    Political analyst: Tajikistan has no alternative to Chinese loans.
    A UAE investment holding will make large-scale investments in Uzbekistan's energy sector.

    Given this situation, the Association of Ukrainian Banks has developed a number of proposals to expand investment activities.
    Vladimir Rozhankovsky, an expert at the International Financial Center, explained why the National Bank of Tajikistan has restricted the investment activities of credit institutions in the country.
    In the first two months of 2020, almost $15 million in fixed asset investments were used in Tajikistan.
    For a potential investor, it is beneficial to entrust decision-making on their investment activities to an investment company. To do this, the investment company must provide the investor with guarantees of reliability and profitability of its activities.
    Interest rate risk is associated with changes in interest rates on debt obligations with contractual interest and a corresponding decrease in the price of these securities. This risk usually depends on the maturity of the bonds: the longer the maturity, the greater the price fluctuation.

    • Thank you for the interesting information, but I would be grateful if you could at least leave it under the note about the National Bank of Ukraine, where it would be more or less appropriate.


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