Ladies and gentlemen, friends!

You all know that from February 24, 2022, the troops of the Russian Federation, treacherously, without declaring war, attacked peaceful cities and villages of Ukraine. Even they chose the time of a massive attack as an example of fascists.

Since then, the world has changed and will never be the same again. Each of us must do everything in his power to stop Russian aggression. Not only the fate of each of us depends on it, not only the fate of Ukraine, Europe and the entire civilized world. Our army and territorial defense adequately reject the huge Russian army.

Our volunteers do everything for the front, everything for victory. We inflict enormous damage on the enemy, but we also suffer losses ourselves. Unfortunately, our programmer died at the very first missile strike on the first day of the war. Therefore, we do not have time to display on the site goals and objectives that are changing rapidly. The site will be modernized gradually, and I will inform you about the most important and worthy of your attention events in our organization.
So, after we successfully evacuated most of our wards and their families, as well as the families of our organization's members, and a significant proportion of the men are now on the front lines, we who remain in the practically besieged city have to work for three. The priority is to help the elderly, sick, lonely people. We rarely deliver food, such requests we most often send to our friends from the Ukrainian Charitable Alliance. We, as during the epidemic of COVID, focus on the provision of medicines, in particular potent ones, the evacuation of people from the most dangerous areas at their request, the delivery of patients to the doctor or doctors to patients. Please note that we never take money for providing such assistance. However, our resources are rapidly melting, and we plan to ask for help. See the page "THANK YOU!" I will try to notify you about the news in the "NEWS" section

Sincerely, - Alexander Myroshnikov